Light My Fire Achievement Broken?

I am trying to complete every achievement on steam for Generation Zero, and right now I sit at 48/60. So today I decided I would do an achievement that I thought would be very easy, climb to the top of 3 different lighthouses. Sounds easy right? Well, I’ve climbed up 4 different lighthouses and still nothing. Is this a broken achievement or am I just messing this up? I’ll work on other achievements for now but would love for someone to tell me how to do it or when it’s fixed.

Make sure you have the safehouses unlocked at different / near lighthouses.

Make a new character, then restart the game. Reload the game using the new character - and fast travel to each one. Should pop - but may be a delay so check your profile after 24 hours.

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I think I had to travel to four lighthouses (not sure why) to complete this challenge.