Lighting bug W/ Video!

Xbox One S
I’ve mentioned this before I believe, but got no feedback as to if anyone else experiences this. It’s pretty consistent tho, so I’d assume I’m not the only one. Basically the lighting in the trees when it’s night time, when turned the proper way or the right distance away it triggers flashing among the trees in the forest. It happens almost everywhere for me where there’s lots of trees, and it’s night time. I will post a video so you guys can see! Let me know if you guys experience this cause it’s a major eye sore and I don’t see anyone posting about this.
(Sorry for the bad quality, recorded off my phone)

i didnt get a recording of it but i have seen what i thought at first was a forest fire but just weird tree lighting

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I can confirm I have seen this happen on PC as well in heavily forested areas.

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I get that on my son’s XBox One-S but I haven’t noticed it on my One-X

However my One-X is away so I can’t recheck ATM

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At first I thought the Machines threw down a boombox and were having a disco party in the forest by flashing all their lights on and off…:smirk:

Either way, this happens all the time on my One S, and it’s a major eye sore! Also like NO ONE is reporting it so it will probably remain for months to come.

doesn’t bother me really, other thins to fix first

It’s not a game breaking issue or anything, but there are a lot of picky people out there who would see this and be like, “wow… that’s so lame look how bad this game performs” then carry on to experience the REAL game breaking issues, and probably think they wasted their money or try for a refund. I don’t know how often it happens for you, but for me it happens with almost every group of trees I look at during night time.

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