Lilla Resistance Dead Drop - Where?

Where is this exactly? In my game the dead drop point is in the middle of a street between two houses, and none of the houses on the street corner look to be it. They are either open, or barricaded. I saw a video from just a month ago and it is down the street, and you were supposed to shoot the padlock through a window, but that house is completely open. So I am totally lost. I doubt the location changed in a month but maybe one of the hotfixes messed up the dead drop location?

Check the barricaded entrances, carefully. I don’t know about Lilla (yet), but one of the variations in Hagaboda the player has to interact with a barricade, place (spend) some explosives (resource) to blow it up, then they can get in.

With how new some variations on these weekly/procedural missions are, it might take a while for all the different possibilities to come to light.

Of course, it could be bugged. Maybe I’ll find out something about it, later. Buddy of mine has this mission in that location, I think, so maybe we’ll see.

The issue is I saw a video dated Jan 4, 2024 that showed the dead drop building - though the guy couldn’t figure out how to get in. But the same building in my game is open, not blocked in any way. I’m totally lost, but thanks for replying and looking into this.

There can be different houses. I have had tree different houses in Klinte already.

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Ok, thanks, I will go back again and look through the entire town. I was hoping for a quick in and out, lots of enemies in that area. I guess this is the procedural generation I’ve read about recently?

The game will ask you to identify the Dead Drop house. The marker only shows you the search area. When you are close to the house, the game will ask you “to find a way in”. Typically the doors are locked from the inside, with wood or a lock. Then it’s just a matter of finding the right window where you can see one of the doors that is locked. :coffee:

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Yep, I just found it, the next to the last house that I checked in Lilla, of course, right, had to be. I had to shot a board that was propping up another board blocking the door. Thanks to everyone who helped and explained this to me. I was going crazy trying to find it!

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is the lock on the door new in Resistance Dead Drop, :confused: far north town were mine popped up, but it use to be a board blocking the door, not a lock I had to shoot, maybe update replaced the board with a lock, just a small detail I noticed that most people would never noticed, not all details are in patch notes, small ones like this wouldn’t be mentioned because its not a big thing, anyway

it was never a lock, it was always a board blocking the door, before the patches, :face_with_monocle: I would know, about 2 months ago before the patches I did the mission at least 30 times, and it was never a lock, and it’s impossible to randomize 30 boards in a row without at least 1 lock randomize in there, the 3 houses randomized however, but never a single lock on the door

I just did it once when it was new and then it was a lock.

These missions are procedual missions. They are randomly generated out of a set of possible given options for this Mission types.

It can of course happen that you get the same mission multiple times, but there is a chance that it is often slightly different, too.

Referring to the Dead Drop missions
Indeed, and if my memory doesn’t fail me, I think that even the same house locations can have the different locations of the: notebook, the key, the chests outside to stand on, and even the number of ducks in the basket.

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Yes, Resistance Dead Drop is one of several dynamic/procedural missions in the game. These are weekly missions, so you should see a new one each week.

FNIX Outpost Sabotage, Resistance Radio Repair, Machine Repair Station(title wrong?), Anomalous Signal, and High Value Target are the other possible missions.

Each one of these missions comes with a load of different variables. You may have the mission show up in a different location to begin with, end in a different location, or require you to do different things during the course of the mission.

For Resistance Radio Repair, for instance, you may need to refuel generators, repair fuse boxes, or simply press buttons to reset a breaker or turn on a device…but, with three different locations to deal with to complete just one instance of the mission, you may have different tasks to do at each location. Might refuel one generator, fix a fuse box, and press a button…or you may need to refuel three generators (300 units of fuel), or to repair three fuse boxes (15 repair kits!). It can be any combination, the game will randomly roll the variable and you’ll have to meet the demand.

High Value Target will have a similar variable at some point, to get the detection equipment running to find your target’s location.

For the Dead Drop mission, you may be sent to a different town to begin with, then you may have to find a different house, and then the house may have a different solution needed to get in (access from a roof/balcony requiring a jump puzzle solution, or break a lock/board to open a door, or even blasting a barricade as I mentioned before), and then the dead drop itself may also be in a different location.

Anyway, glad to hear you found your solution. My buddy had his Dead Drop in Lilla as well, I asked him to save it for me to help with to see if it would be broken like you suspected yours to be…we finally got to it, and apparently the building we had to go to and the way to get inside was different from what you had.