Linux: Steam + proton = crash



From previous reports, GZ was possible to run on Linux, with the help of steam and proton.

But now the game crashes, its possible to get to the menu and start the game but then it crash.

Hope you can take a look at it.


EDIT: working with all privacy settings set to “No”. Unfortunately lags really much (6700k/z170/1070)


I tried today on Ubuntu 18.04. First with the recommended Proton version (4) then with the newest version (5). Both crashed just as Starzinger_swe described. :frowning:


I tried again, now disabling all privacy setting, and it worked. But like the OP, it is very laggy. I have a Geforce 1070.


Generation Zero runs on Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10. Linux is not officially supported, so there’s bound to be issues. But this isn’t a bug, so I’m moving this thread to Off-Topic.