List of Known Issues [September 5th, 2023]

This is the new living topic for Known Issues. It will be updated with every patch and every prevalent bug that we begin to track internally.


  • Some armor plates on the Tank’s legs are invulnerable
  • Some Machines that are visible for one party member are invisible for others in the same lobby
  • Dead machines sometimes still produce idle sounds


  • Assignment “Destroy 5 Runners with a hunting rifle” does not track correctly


  • Multiplayer Matchmaking - Player fails to join the correct session as per the preferred multiplayer matchmaking settings
  • Safehouses might get lost when logging in. This is most commonly encountered on PlayStation.


  • (PC) Tabbing out may result in unusually high GPU usage

Ongoing investigations

  • Players getting disconnected from multiplayer lobbies
  • Crashes happening randomly