List Of Side Missions

Is there a way of seeing all possible side missions? I wander around and now and again see the the Missions - 0 of 1 sign but thats not all of the time.

There is no list of undiscovered missions in the game menus. Only a log of completed ones.

When you go to a location, and you see a counter suggesting there could be one or several missions, I believe some of those counters are bugged. But if there were an undiscovered mission at a location, you would see a blue icon on your compass that will lead you to it.

Otherwise you could go to your challenges menu, and there you will see that certain challenges are completed if all side missions in a region are done. A good way to find out if you’re missing something.

…or you could check out the wiki for a complete list of missions, and compare it to your log. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, a few options to try :grinning:

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The forum contains a list of all base game missions. It is only missing some Himjfall dlc ones atm. The pages of the missions should the coordinates for starting them here.

Wiki page:


Thats a great list! Thanks a lot.