LittleMayletts AFTERMATH series


This is where I’ll be posting my AFTERMATH series. It’s set 50 years into the future of generation zero. Enjoy.

AFTERMATH information







Here’s ep6 of my AFTERMATH series.


Thx to the devs for all the support.:grin:


If yall want to go and see my AFTERMATH series go to my YouTube channel its called ‘comedy cyber’ so yea. The series is set 50 years into the future of generation zero. So if you’re interested go take a look


Hi @LittleMaylett :wave: So cool that you are creating your own animated spinoff series!

Last Friday the entire GenZ team watched “EP01” (Your youtube video titled “Generation zero animated ep1”) together on a big screen and we enjoyed it a lot. We played the song “Ominous Allure” from the Generation Zero Original Soundtrack in the background and it accompanied your animation really well!

We intend to watch an episode now and then whenever we can find the time, and I want you to know that everyone is looking forward to see where the story goes and what happens next :smile:

Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

/Best regards, Knivspark & the GenZ Team


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Hey everyone if you scroll up you can see all the AFTERMATH episodes incase you didn’t know :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Is this the end??? Also it’s got music and if u didn’t know u can scroll up to see previous episodes