Ljuset commune weapon

I’ve picked up two rifles in the guard tower and a .44 and 12GA in the barn. Apparently none of these are the right weapon. Can someone help me out?

Where is that? Region or coordinates maybe?

All weapons in Ljuset Commune:

Click here to see loc screens

Watch tower
3* .243

Watch tower
2* .243

2* 12G shotty

1* 12G shotty

2* .44 Magnus

Himfjäll (4188, -385).

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Sorry, Tom. Probably should have given that. Ljuset commune. Himfjall. 4154.0 -404.8

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I really appreciate such a detailed response. Thanks for taking the time.

Unfortunately, I guess my map is bugged. I have all those weapons picked, but, Ljuset Commune is still reporting 0/1.

Thanks again.

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With answer given, the topic has served it’s purpose and i’ll lock it.