Load out questions


Hi there all have a quick question for you. What are your weapon load-outs as I have to many weapons and want to narrow down to 4 ish from the 6 I am carrying at the moment. Any ideas? :thinking:

I am carrying:
44. Magnus. 5 star
PvG90. 3 star
Rocket launcher. 5 star
AG4. 3 star
Meusser. 3 star
Hp5. 5 star
Sjöqvist semi-auto. 3 star
Basically I have to many weapons


I have two characters I actively play on, plus one I only use for scavenging ammo.

First character is a long-range stealth build, currently running:

  • Älgstudsare with 6-12x scope and suppressor as primary weapon. Best general sniper in the game if you want to stay stealthy.
  • HP5 with ACOG, extended magazine, and suppressor as secondary. Best DPS in the game for a stealth build, plus it’s wicked accurate in semi-automatic firing mode if used right.
  • Klaucke 17 with suppressor and extended magazine as sidearm. The Möller PP can’t reliably one-shot ticks at a reasonable distance, otherwise I’d be using that instead since it’s way quieter.
  • Pvg 90 with extended magazine and 8-16x scope as an extra gun. I switch from the Älgstudsare to this when I don’t have to care about being stealthy.

Second character is a run-and-gun build, currently running:

  • AI-76 with barrel extension, extended magazine, and ACOG as primary weapon. Usually used with burst-fire mode. Not as accurate as the other combat rifles, but I’m usually fighting at short range with this character, so the damage and fire rate make up for it.
  • Sjöqvist with a choke as secondary weapon. Mostly used for dealing with seekers and ticks, occasionally used for dropping hunters if I can find a place to stand still where they can’t hit me.
  • .44 Magnus with compensator and 2-4x scope as a sidearm. Used primarily for sniping and little else. Bullet drop is ridiculous, but if you can compensate properly, it’s a non-issue.
  • Gvg m/49 as an extra gun. I only carry about a dozen HEDP rounds at most, and only really use it to wipe groups of runners.

The scavenger character has one gun of each type for the ammo I need for the other characters, but just uses an AG 4 when actually fighting.


There are people in this forum that really know what they are doing regarding weapons and fighting. I’m not one of them. However, @Mewster1, I’ll offer you my preferences for what it is worth. I only play one character. Now that we have our Plundra I switch between the 5* HP5 and the 5* AI-76 (both 2x red dot scope) depending on my ammo situation. They both serve well for close to medium range high intensity combat. I always carry the 4* Sjøkvist with choke for indoor fighting or when runners and sometimes hunters closes up. I use the 4* Ælgstudsare (4-8x) for ordinary sniping of runners and hunters and - if I have the ammo - the PVG90 (8-16x) against tanks and harvesters. Likevise with my 5* GG m/49. Fighting tanks and harvesters usually allows for some planning giving me the chance to return to a Plundra to retrieve the PVG or GG. I always carry my 5* Klauke with silencer and that is probably silly. The .44 is a powerful weapon that can be dressed up with a scope, and I’ve seen combat clops where it appears to be highly efficient. Well, this works for me, but I’ve learned quite a bit more about the weapons in the recent thread called “Marksman anyone?”.


Well for me i have three builds i work with, all five star weapons but the load out is what matters really
my engineer has
I get everything for farming off this guy so his loadout is pretty light seeing as he doesn’t see much combat really.

Lotta weapons as hes my main DPS/tank and needs the weapon variation for different circumstances, kpist is the last resort option when having to finish a fight thats burned most of my ammo.

12 gauge
all silenced
This one’s challenging and i feel like i should probably switch around the weapons but i dont use it much seeing as stealth isn’t really my thing, just made it to test out the skills i haven’t gone for, and to use a kinda unique load out i guess.
I’d advise breaking your weapons up to two or three characters if you feel you carry too many @Mewster1!


PVG90, AI-76 and the Magnus. I never use the Magnus though. These is no need for any other guns as far as I’m concerned. I sometimes choose to only bring the AI-76 to have the best odds of getting 7.62 ammo.


I have a AG4 as my main “travelling” and first contact weapon. In the second slot I have a sniper rifle which it the moment is the .50 cal, but I am running out of ammunition for it and find none at all since the update. I mean, none - not a round. So I have thirty rounds left for it and will have to swap for the .270 if I don’t find more. In the third slot is a .44 Magnus, but I don’t use it often.

Then as back-up I carry the HP5 for close range stuff and bunkers, A 6-shot pump for finishing off heavy weapons (Tanks and Harvesters), after I have reduced them to staring at me, and I carry the 84mm Charlie G, when I can find the rounds. I carry six mines and 15 grenades.


My standard load out with mostly vanguard and commando tree skills would be:
-Sjøquist or 12G with choke (prefer Sjøquist) with buckshot only for seekers and runners.
-AI-76 with suppressor or barrel extension and Acog for the big guys.
-HP5 with suppressor or barrel extension and Acog for almost every mechs, but mainly hunters.
-Klaucke with suppressor for indoors and ticks.
I also carry Pvg 90 and sometimes m/49 but I don’t use them much, more or less only when I have a bunch of ammo to “get rid off” or to piss off a pack of hunters in the distance.
And always carry 2-3 slots of handgrenades.


I tend to go with an AI-76 or HP5 or - most of the time - a shotgun for close quarters, a hunting rifle with a long scope for popping off long range shots at doggies guarding beacons, etc and the Klauke for indoors, ticks and stuff that doesn’t defend itself like beacons. As you can pump a dozen pistol rounds into a beacon and the 9mm pistol ammo is everywhere, I see no point in wasting a couple of rounds from the hunting rifle or shogun. I’ve picked up a Magnus but have never fired it, I just like the speed and big magazine of the Klauke.

I carry grenades for the odd situation where I can’t get at a machine with a direct line of fire.

I only ever carry three weapons, to me it feels too gamey to run around with a backpack full of guns.

I am very much a sneaky, scouty type of person, very patient and happy to wait for a machine to complete its patrol circuit before I decide the best point to pop it at and I often don’t carry an automatic weapon at all.


I’ve got three builds currently, on three characters.

Assault-oriented, for co-op play

Slot 1: 5* AG5 with Extended Barrel, 1-4X Scope and Extended Magazine. All mods are 5*.
Slot 2: 5* Sjöqvist with 5* Choke.
Sidearm: 5* .44 Magnus with 5* Scope.
Offhand: 4* Granatgevär.

Marksman-oriented, for Solo play

Slot 1: 5* K-PistM/46 with 5* Extended Barrel. Still working on getting mods for this gun. No Red-dot, I like the tritium sights.
Slot 2: 5* Pump-action Shotgun with 5* Red-dot.
Sidearm: 5* Klaucke with 5* Extended Magazine and 5* Silencer.
Offhand: 5* PVG90 with 6-12 Scope, Extended Magazine and Full Vision Modulator. All mods 5*.

Stealth-oriented - WIP

Slot 1: 5* HP5 with 5* Silencer
Slot 2: 4* Älgstudsare with 5* Silencer and 5* 1-4X Scope
Sidearm: 5* Möller PP with 5* Silencer and 5* Extended Magazine
Offhand: 4* AG4 with 5* 4-8X Scope, 5* Exteded Magazine, 5* Extended Barrel

Also got another Granatgevär on standby in the Plundra in case I need it on the fly.