Location of machine gun compensator


Okay, been looking for months for a 5 or 4 star “machine gun compensator.” Anybody know of a location? I’ve dropped my share of Apocalypse class tanks, harvesters and hunters but have only managed to find two “3 star” compensators.



try military camps and bunker


It’s an extremely rare item, even above 1 star.

What platform are you on?


There is no known spawn location for higher than 1* LMG compensator.

To get higher quality ones, you need to kill:
2* - apo runner
3* and 4* - apo hunter
5* - apo tank

Or trade with someone.


Thanks. I’m on a PC. …


Sorry bud, I do give-away’s on the Xbox side - another guy in the USA covers PS4.

Best bet for PC…join the discord and head into the PC specific channel, and trading channel.

It’ll work out