Locations, coördinates

Just wondering - and probably missed it somewhere - but is there a map WITH coördinates of all (sub) missions?

You could look at the wiki. Actually doing a map would be difficult as its not possible to show completed missions in game so a person would have to paste all the markers onto a Map Or create a character and start al secondary missions in game which would e a lot of work for not much benefit.

I’ve started updating mission descriptions in the wiki (shameless tooting of horn) but I’ve only gotten to the early missions so far. I’ll remind myself to add the co-ordinates.


Thank you for your reaction - new on the forum and didn’t see it at first.

the wiki - right, I should spend more time there. In my favorites folder!

Whát a great game!

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Moving on…

Is there a way to enter coördinates? I find it very hard to pinpoint a location.

There isnt, dont know how much its been suggested but ik its something that has been before. Also about the wiki, dont fully trust it as its purely fan ran and most of the time, stuff is outdated.