Locations Of FNIX-class Tanks and other FNIX-class machines?


Lately in the game as I have been waiting for a patch, I have been busy killing tanks and harvesters to try and get Tier 5 weapons, but I cannot seem to find any. I have looked in the airfield and other places, but when I do find some, either they just disappear randomly into thin air or they are military class. I figured I’d create this thread so we can share locations where FNIX class tanks and harvesters spawn with each other. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’m hoping that I’m not accidentally copying some other thread, but if so, please let me know so I can ask to remove it. :slight_smile:


No problem :slight_smile: I’ve noticed an increase of FNIX Tanks in the South Coast region, it used to be mostly Military ones but I’ve seen both FNIX Tanks and Harvesters there now. I think they’ve spread them out over the island a bit more recently, could be worth checking out.


These are some of the locations where I frequently encounter FNIX tanks and harvesters:

  • Sillavik (spawn at Sillavik church)
  • F23 Överby Airbase (spawn at airbase or Stora Dyrbo)
  • Toresta region (spawn at St. Maria or Klinte church)
  • Garphammar region (spawn at ANL 118 or Älgstugan)
  • Lerberget region (spawn at Lennart’s Marin or Påskallaholm)
  • Alvaret region (spawn at Kalkbrottet, Arkelstorp og Littorp)
  • Stenmyra region (spawn at Stenmyra church)


I’ve noticed, several times where I’ve spawned at the Safehouse Anl 118 Färela, a FNIX Tank will spawn east of the location and start walking through the woods from the east, towards the safehouse.


Thanks! This helps a lot! :slight_smile:


I found a map once where someone had outlined all the FNIX tank areas. Could not find it again though. Anyone have a link to that?


I can confirm this. Used this location multiple times myself when hunting down those pesky doggo robots.