Locations unable to get the 100% completion stat

Platform: Xbox One S
Summary: There are ALOT of locations that are unable to get the 100% completion and I mean ALOT!!! The hunter’s house (Bjorknass or whatever it is called) is stuck at 17/19 loot and I have rechecked every nook and cranny multiple times and picked up every boom box and still nothing.

Then there is the church which the devs seem to already know about since it was listed in the launch day information announcement but it is still not fixed it seems.

The soccer field in saltham is missing some loot. 2 loot boxes do not even let you interact with them and the 2 flares, field radio, binoculars and few other loose items did not count towards loot and again i have double checked multiple times to no advance.

There is a small location really close to the soccer field with only 3 loot items to collect. You can only collect 2. The last one is in a shack that is clipped in the ground making it so you are unable to enter the shack.

Just to name a few but there are about 9 locations on my map that i have this problem with.

Steps To Reproduce: none, just collect the loot and realize some is missing

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Players in your game: I am playing completely solo so only 1

Specifications: Xbox One S specs

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I can confirm this is a very common issue on the PC too. I’ve also noticed there are some locations where I collected more than 100% loot e.g. 12/10.

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Yeah. I know in Salthamn there is a surplus of loot so now it says “Loot: 71/36” but no “100% completion” labeled on Salthamn. I don’t know if it is because of the surplus or what but it is driving my OCD bonkers lol

On the other hand. Why should there be a completion stat on every location? It’s a survival right? Since when do those games hold your hand and tell you you missed a box. Where is the fun in that. It’s a lot more fun to run around. And having to look well to find stuff you need. Or backtracking, getting ambushed and searching like a maniac in a hous you already looted for that one box you might have missed.

Giving every area a
Loot 0/10
Weapons 1/1
Collectible 0/1
marker just makes it pretty gdm boring. You can tip toe near a area. See if there is a weapon in the town. And just bugger off if it has nothing you like. Wtf, no. What are you playing as, X-ray vision god kids?

I am not complaining it has the stat feature but since it does me being a completionist type of player like to use it since its there and as such with the OCD I have like to say “alright this location is does I guess I won’t have to come back here unless a mission asks me too”. Like Iboholmen Castle. I 100% completed that location at the very start of the game and only had to go back once because a mission told me too. After that mission I never had to go back to it again lol which I am kinda glad because the way I see it and hear it those big bastards spawned up there for me and I don’t have any rockets or ammo to take one of them on. Already just took on 3 lol

some places put the loot where you can’t get it so 100% in impossible

I do agree and it is wildly inconsistently applied in-game anyway. Tons of locations have no completion stats. Why is this in the game?

@Trodamus every single location I have been to has always had completion stats but due to no loot or items to pick up it just automatically marks it as 100% complete for me anyway. So although the completion stat is pointless in the locations that have no item there is still a stat for it. And the devs have promised plenty of free, and paid for DLC so i am sure they will switch things up for those locations eventually hopefully.