Lock and load trophie


I have about 7 of the best guns in the game at the moment but I can’t fully equip all attachments to any of the guns. I have been everywhere looting and killing machines left right and centre, didn’t know if this trophie is glitched or not? If it isn’t glitched where is the extra clip for. 44 magnus please if there is 1.


I got the achievement while equipping an Hp5. Done nothing of particular.(PC), silencer, mag, scope, ammo,
Nb I think there’s no extra mag for the revolver.


I’m on PS4 and I kind of had the same issue the trophy would’nt pop up but some day I just released one gold attachment and picked up another and the trophy suddenly appeared. The trophies seem very random from time to time, I’d got 2-3 trophies whitch I should’nt get at the time I got it.


Thank you for your input people most appreciated


Thank you, I unattached the guns and reattached them and it popped so thx. Now for the clothing trophie, 29 to go


The clothing trophy is currently bugged, so no rush. We’re probably looking at a fix in the foreseeable future. Fixing Missions right now is the main focus for the devs.


I want my platinum so I hope they hurry up


This one was bugged for me. I just found my gold AK and equipped purple and blue attachments -> achievement unlocked.