Locked doors need keys

Can someone please help/advise there are some locked doors in the game that require a key For the life of me i cant remeber id have to search it up but i believe one is a small readiness storage door somewhere the other is inside a cabin . the storage needs a key only how do we find these keys …where? and the cabin one has a lock unlock im guessing i need a hacking skill from skill tree? i used up my points any way around it or something else . Theres prolly more locked doors needing a key is there some people with some clues . Much appreciated and Thank you fellow robot hunters

There are no keys for that, as far we know. It might be, that someday these doors can be accessed when the devs want us to use them.

Of course there are some doors that need a Key which we get a key for during a mission. If you finished all missions, the remaining locked doors that need a key will stay locked until the devs expand the story and give us a way to open them.

the key to the bicycle cloths no longer need a key :slightly_smiling_face: that container on the edge of apelego region, when you get close to it, the container disappears allowing to walk inside

the bicycle container no longer needs a key :dizzy_face:

hmmm where is this spot exactly i musta come across it but wanna double check it Thank you ?