Locked Safehouse


It’s one of the few safehouses I have left to discover and my compass for some reason always points here but there doesn’t seem to be a way to unlock the door, which requires a scanner. No enemies drop barcodes and I can’t find any missions or keys relating to this particular safehouse. Any ideas?

Airplane hangar



Yeah i know this one, it’s a strange place, but not the only one. This evening i played through the game and i know there werde many locked doors in my way even when i switched on the power of the bunker. Well… i also haven’t found a way to open it. Even after you finished the story so far nothing happens there. :confused:


Let me know too lol not been back to that one yet its next to a beacon had a big battle there two tanks lots of hunters and bloody ticks.PS4


Yep me too , searched surrounding area for pass key code got nothing so i tried to phase through door using the scientific method :fire:’ oops i did just create a PSN report with that one , .:rofl:


Theres some things you just cant lauch yourself through bud hahahhahahhaha