Log - Statistics

Hey there!

I was wondering if my stats are complete or if I missed something to explore, but the log doesn’t say how much there is in total.

Are there any lists how of how many relay beacons there are for example?

I deactivated 103 beacons, found 281 places and 102 savehouses. Are there more?

This could also be something to add in an update, so you could call it a feature request, too.


I only played single player, so I believe and hope I have no multiplayer contaminations of the stats.

  • There are only 55 beacon locations on the map (so far), but when playing multiplayer beacons can respawn, where they do not in single player.
  • 102 safehouses is correct.
  • The number of Locations to discover is unknown, but I have 196.

Hi. Thank you very much.
That should be clarified by the devs.

From beginning on I just played in three games, mine and the ones of my two coop-partners. So it is possible that I deactivated beacons and found places and savehouses in multiplayer.

In my opinion this statistic is useless. It would be much more interesting to know if you already found all places/beacons/savehouses in your game.

Don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe the stats-board could be seperated in single- and multiplayer in a future update.

I destroyed all the beacons yet couple of location still show there a beacon, but no icon of any in that location.

Do you have coordinates of such locations, where a beacon is visually there, but with no icon on map?