Lone Wolf mission bugged

Can’t complete the lone wolf mission, it says to use the machines as target practice, the thing is the markers are there for the machines but there are no machines there to use as target practice.

Even after the latest patch the Lone Wolf mission is still knackered and can’t be finished.

Hey, no idea if this will help you but I figured it’s worth a shot. I found myself in that area recently myself with a similar issue, but I got into a fight with a random patrol of enemies that didn’t have any markers on them, and it still counted.

Can you give some more info about the issue? What platform you’re on, what kind of session, etc.

Ok, I’m on PC, in solo play only. The markers are there and the log says to use 2 machines as target practice, already today I’ve fought 2 maybe 3 random lots of machines in the area for this mission but none of them have counted and the mission doesn’t show as completed.