Longest kill shot 3.01km


Platform: PS4 Pro

Description: I’m not sure. But I think it has to be a bug because I just looked and my longest kill shot is 3.01km. I can’t remember even taking a shot at something that far away. I didn’t put it as a bug report since I’m not sure.

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It has to be a bug, because robots spawn about 400m (or less) from the player.


In mp you could be far away. But in that case it would have to be a random shot that missed a taget close by and by accident hit something that far away. Played an mp game with random People the day before and no one had a mic but me. So everyone was far apart.


But I still believe it’s a bug. Because 3km is far for a bullet to travel.

Could it be that it doesn’t calculate the distance between you and The target. But insted uses the distance between the host and the target. That would explain it. I was a client in the game.


Nah, your just a sniping GOD!!! lol :wink:


In all honesty this should be on the “Bug Reports” page instead.


My longest was 383 metres then for some reason it changed to 281.5 metres

Iv’e still never been credited with a longer distance kill even though I have chopped harvesters down to low levels and moved ridiculous distances away and finished them off with the .50 cal.

I’m beginning to think the distance value is a bit borked


Again this thread should be in the “Bug Reports” section. It just makes it easier for the developers to see it there instead.


I’ve moved it to bug reports


Daaamn son, 3.01km is a long killshot. I suppose if it’s online, and you fire an RPG across the map to a location where your friend is fighting robots it could be possible, but… Hm, it does sound rather strange.


Strange indeed. Next time I play or if someone else is quicker. I’ll try to shoot over a bay or something and have a friend stand there. He should be able to hear the bullet hit something if it can travel that far.


Quite common with the range and time in fight stats… well 3+ kilometers were the longest I’ve heard, But around the second day after release (PC) one co-op mate had a 2.4km, and another a 2.7km.
I have one that is just above 500 meters, and I’m very certain I never made that shot on purpose due to rendering distance, nor that it would even hit. :upside_down_face:

Longest recorded battle we got on first day of playing were 49 days!! and the sun didn’t either go up or down in the game during that time, so it don’t sound correct :wink:


Amateurs :joy:


Just made it past XD