Look at console people

I’m a ps4 player and play with a few of my friends from school (highly recommend.) We have great laughs when a bug appears so as of now I don’t mind a few funny bugs that don’t seriously impact game play. I’ve been reading through the comments about the update trying to see if I’ve missed something but all I see rn are a bunch of pc nerds complaining about how crappy the new inventory system is. As a console player this is actually a miracle because of you much time it saves us. Before hand, it was drag and drop but in the heat of the moment there’s not enough time time to spam the many buttons to get something in the right spot. Now I just have to click buttons instead of spamming my controller in the hopes I get it in the right spot fast enough. I can totally see how it’s a pain for pc as using a mouse to drag and drop is very nice in battle. But at the same time the new system is great for all consoles that don’t have a mouse. Instead of having the devs change the entire game rather ask them to specialize it for each way of playing.

New inventory isn’t a pain on PC since i can either drag and drop (mouse) or use hotkeys (KB). Latter takes a bit getting used to but in general is much faster than drag and drop.

What can be inconvenient, is learning the new techniques with the new inventory, especially when you’re used to with older techniques that has been in a game for a year. Not all are willing to learn the new ways.

Of course, i have my own dislikes about consoles and which limitations it puts on GZ but it’s not the right place where to voice those.

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