Looking for 2 online players


Hey all, me and my mate James have just begun playing the game on PC (not console) though I’ve reached Lvl10 he’s down around Lvl2 or 3. We are both in the UK and looking for 2 players to join us for some long term playing and we intend to try and work through the missions and story. If anyone is up for some co-op fun, please drop me a PM on these forums or message me on FaceBook (Martin Soilleux-Cardwell).

Sorry that we can’t accomodate people outside of more than GMT +/- 1 its just too much hassle trying to fit schedules around people’s time and we’d also like older players as well asppl reasonably new to the game who do not know the story please.


While I have played the game a lot, I actually pay little attention to the story. You can usually find me on the official discord when I play and I don’t mind joining you/helping you out although I can’t promise anything long-term due to college.