Looking for Russian speaking players [PS4]


Good afternoon, please tell me are there any players who speak Russian? I am from Belarus, playing on PS 4.


I understand that I am the only person in the world of GZ who speaks Russian, how difficult it is for me …


Maybe you should give some more time for people to respond. Not everyone sits here 24/7.


I will wait, nothing remains. I like this game very much . It does not matter with whom to play, I respect everyone who plays, help and appreciate the help of the players. I like that people unite in this game! Not like in GTA online, they kill each other …


Corrected topic title to better advertise what you’re looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, i put a word out in GZ discord.



Hi Nikolai,

Apart from the PS4 Specific discord channel - have you tried just searching for Russian specific lobbies at different parts of the day? You may find people easier than you think - just don’t forget your headset.



Привет Николай.Ты не единственный русскоговорящий боец Сопротивления;))Попробуй найти напарников на русском дискорд сервере.Я к сожалению играю на хуане:((


Привет , я установил этот Дискорд , там как-то всё сложно , мне не понравилось.Сейчас попробую ещё раз.


I tried again discord, I can’t find people to make friends. I will play in solo mode.