Looking forward to the beta

I’m looking forward to seeing what Generation Zero is all about. From what I’ve seen it’s very much in the vein of the original Far Cry and that pleases me greatly. Being over 50, I’m not a twitch gamer and the action I’ve seen so far looks just up my street.


I’m gutted as I’ve not registered my gamer tag as the email went to my junk folder and I didn’t know! :sob:

Same here, older gamer over 40, the concept is certainly intriguing.:joystick:

Did you check out this post?


Hey Quartz, don’t let being over 50 stop you streaming. I saw a video of a man in his 70’s / 80’s on YouTube that went viral playing that battle royal game. Disappointing thing was he was better than me and I’m 39. Personally I’m really looking forward to the beta as they often influence my buying decisions. I’ll be on Xbox and look forward to seeing you on the ground…

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Same with me. Can’t wait to play the beta

Definitely excited for the beta.

The waiting is almost up then we have wait for game real see

I’m excited about this. I love open world games, they’re my favorite.

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the streamer head-start date is today, so you should watch some streams to hype yourself up for the incoming beta key handout tomorrow! they come in waves so sit tight if you dont recieve yours yet

The game looks amazing
Cannot wait for morning

Gotta say Im the opposite, I want to experience the “story”. Did the characters watch a stream before coming back from their trip? No they arrive back, everyone missing, houses abandoned, cars left empty everywhere. To go in clueless is part of the experience that should be savoured.
In saying that my mate & I went clueless into Space Engineer and welded our ship to the ground and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t fly :joy: