Loot Disappearing From Rivals

Platform: Playstation

Game mode: Single Player

Issue: Killed level 4 fix tank rival and looted exp pistol, rlg-7, and assorted ammo. The weapons disappeared. Ammo was added to my inventory successfully. Double checked enemy inventory and area around enemy, but no weapons were found. Enemy rival was in a different region than it originally spawned in (from south coast. Killed in forest.) Killed and looted multiple rivals previously with no issue during current and previous sessions.

Steps to reproduce: Unknown.

Thanks for reporting this. Seems this issue is cropping up more frequently across platforms, so we’ll make this the main thread covering it. Perhaps someone can trade you the stuff?

Anyway, hoping it can be nailed soon.

Platform: PC
Game mode: single player
having the same problem, i just killed the reaper and got an exp kvm and exp ag4, looted everything one by one, and none of it was in my inventory when i exited the loot screen. restarting didn’t do anything either, stuff’s still gone. also lost an exp launcher from a rival tank on himfjall the same way

that doesnt happen in fnix bases. if you want exp right now then attacking bases gives EXP. because i do get stuff from assault bases. ( i still havent encountered the bug yet mainly because rivals rarely give EXP. )

if you also dont get anything from bases. then its youre problem with the hardware/type console.
( you cant simply say playstaytion because its not youre exact device type. what im saying is. is it ps1? ps2? ps3 and so on. )

Workaround from Discord

  1. Loot the clothing and skins first.

  2. Then back out.

  3. Loot again and you can then freely grab whatever you want