Loot drop from The Reaper?

What loot have you got from the reaper? I’ve heard that you can get Experimental Sledge hammer, but what else? Have you got any interesting from it?
I haven’t encountered it yet and I just want to know if it’s worth farming since I’m a solo player.


you´ll usually get at least one experimental weapon (if youre above level 25), as well as unique clothes and a pretty nice stack of ammo.

And most importantly, bragging rights, its no easy feat to drop a reaper solo. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer! Yeah, I’m going to drop at least one for the bragging rights :wink:

Full FOA Suit

XKlauke, XPVG90, XKVM59, X12G, XAG4, 5* attachments

Advanced Med Kits

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Are the X weapons rare drops or do you always get one?

I’d be surprised if you didn’t get at least 1

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I just helped my brother drop a reaper. I got two experimantals. He didn’t got any hahahaha. Maybe because I made the kill

I started farming the Reaper yesterday, 3 in a row, all experimental weapons, got the sledgehammer the third time, but 3 copies of FOA boots.
I think you get an Experimental weapon almost every time.

I also got the boots. But had to work for it. It was like going against a nine year old playing as Eddy Gordo in Tekken. My brother only got like 22 grenades haha

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what level was your brother?
Experimental weapons only drop at/after level 25 i believe but i think the reaper might drop at 20.

He have reached the level cap. But no matter the game his playing, he’s always a victim of bad luck so I’m not that surprised honestly

Edit: The only thing he actually wants is a Xshotgun. But we can always farm rivals. Not that big of a deal

Well thats no fun but those are the laws of RNG i suppose…
That is why we share our wealth, and its not like we’re using that 3:rd exp smg anyways… :slight_smile:

There is a category on discord for gear trading, perhaps you guys should try there?

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The problem for me is I got gang loot the first time I killed him now the other 5 times I’ve gotten 0 X weapons

Are you sure you are killing the reaper, not it self detonating. It sounds odd that a killed Reaper is not dropping proper loot

Oh it detonated is that bad

If Reaper detonates, you’ll get far less loot than you’d get otherwise.

E.g, 1st time i faced Reaper, i didn’t catch it’s signs of incoming detonation (it was night-time, in the forest) and from the loot pool, i got 5* AG4 extended mag and FOA jacket + other random loot (ammo, large EMP, advanced first aid kit). But no weapon what-so-ever.

Problem with the Reaper’s self-destruct sequence is that there’s no obvious way to keep him from doing it when he first decides to do it. Unless… @AliasDJA did I see you say that throwing fireworks at him will stop the self-destruct sequence??

To me, the self-destruct sequence looked exactly the same as thermoboaric attack sequence, so, i took cover, instead of unloading everything i had at it. Now, in hindsight, if i would’ve kept firing at it, i probably could’ve killed it before self-destruct completed. :thinking:
And i guess that’s the whole idea behind it.

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Yes my friend. Though it’s not an exact science, some practice and nice timing will stall it during its propane attack.

You want the firework to explode within the last 3 seconds in its face.

I’ve got video footage of it, but I’m using it for Vanguards Vision - but I’ll time stamp it back here when it’s up.

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The reaper cannot drop the Exp. Kvm59, its just simply not in his drop pool its a weapon you need to farm from regular rivals and its a shame, The reaper starts Self destruction at 15% health left so if you just keep firing once the red smoke comes out most weapons under guerilla can finish it off and if you do indeed kill it properly as a maximum reward you can get 2 experimentals + 1 5c weapon at random, ive managed to get 5c grg, kvm, klauke and ag4 from the reaper its not fantastic but it does happen