Loot / Inventory roadmap


Just out of interest, what’s people’s routes for different gear?

I’ve 2 routes - one for ammo, one for everything else.


For me, pretty much the same for all types. I rotate going through the following sets on a dedicated character who has the salvage ability:

  • All command bunkers, in order of apparent ‘difficulty’, except Hermelinen.
  • Dyvik, Torsberga, and Muskudden, after clearing out Torsberga and Muskudden on another character.
  • Nyhamnen, F23 Överby (again, after clearing stuff out on another character), and the wrecked convoy south of the west end of F23 Överby.
  • Norrmyra, Hermelinen Command Bunker, and the handful of recon bunkers that are safehouses (the ones with a single hangar, a single bathroom, and a singel betroom with four beds).

Each time I need supplies, I clean out one set. By the time I rotate back to one set, it will have repoped.

Each group provides a decent mix of basic consumables together with ammo, and the first and fourth both have a decent chance of randomly giving you a legendary weapon mod or two. The downside is that each route is an hour plus even if you know what you’re doing, but they’re generally mostly safe if you play smart (riskiest is F23 Överby, killed bots don’t reliably stay dead there when you swap characters, and the safe-house is rather far from the areas you really want to loot). Full efficiency on all of them requires you to have cleared out a lot of missions though (first one needs all the bunkers to be found and opened, second needs the warboard missions that send you to Torsberga and Muskudden cleared, third needs the warboard mission for F23 Överby cleared, and the fourth requires you to have cleared the mission you get at Norrmyra to investigate someone smuggling supplies off the base).


Yes full map is essential of course.