Loot management suggestion

Controls on Xbox console game, maybe other platforms. constructive presentation.

For now instead of a quality shooter, you spend half the time on micro inventory management, which kills the fun of the game.

1 Emotions translate as in all similar games to the hold button “view key”.
2 This free the LB button. And the combinations will be available on slots LB + UP, LB + Down, LB + Left, LB + Right, LB + X, LB + Y, LB + A, LB + B, LB + RB, LB + View. Those will be available 10 combinations of shortcuts. And 10 new add-on slots in game…
We have too much loot, but very small inventory… And very hard quick access… This is kill fun.

I having a few thousand hours experience behind in similar games on xbox.
I hope you will listen to this proposal.

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