Loot re-spawning

it seems that loot does not respawn on bodies , or loot places , but just loot boxes and backpacks.
eg in stenhaga farm on starter island , there is a placeholder at this safehouse that use to have med kits , and it does not seem to ever respawn the loot.
pc win10 64 bit.

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Loot outside of containers are a 1 time pickup. They never respawn.

Loot does respawn on bodies, I can confirm. I have a couple of spots that I re-loot for ammunition that includes 2-3 bodies in each spot. They follow the same 4 hour rule that loot boxes follow. If loot isn’t respawning on bodies for you it can be considered a bug.

Ps4 pro aswell , like @jakel if you goto FOA area the container with robot drawing on side of it , there use to be loot on top of crate’s now since latest patch now there’s only the green box’s to loot , oh and orange box nothing , and whole off mainland Tool boxes empty :-1: , first island tool boxe’s unaffected :+1: , Recap - had game Day 1 ’ have done many hours and plenty of science experiments :rofl:
have done 3 saves , worked through bug’s third time lucky game complete , game was better on first patch :+1: Hope the game will improve , aye thank’s for a great game :lab_coat::firecracker::boom:

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“World loot” is a 1 time thing and never respawns. Tool boxes outside the starter island are currently bugged and all empty. And the 4 hour loot respawn for ammo boxes is bugged and not working for some people.

Just a word of caution if you plan on starting a second character - all the weapons on the starter island won’t be available to your second character if you already picked them up with your first, which essentially renders extra character slots useless. At least with the way the world is currently shared between all your characters.

Someone really didn’t think this through properly before making these pointless changes. I think we can safely call this patch Generation Zero: Unintended Consequences.


At some point you gotta laugh , crunchy :rofl: your ’ patch ’ title made me laugh , , i think the Day one people like us and many on here deserve a ‘’ I BEAT THE GAME AND THE BUGS ‘’ special in game cosmetic T-Shirt or your T-Shirt " unintended consequence’s " cheers :laughing:

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