Loot spawns in rivals

me and my friends have been playing and have been killing a lot of rivals and not really getting many items apart from ammo and materials. i know that the experimental lmg was taken out of the loot spawns up until this update and me and my friend and I killed a rival and he got the lmg straight away from a apocalypse harvester (level 1 rival) but when i looted it i only got ammo. I’m not sure if this is a bug or if its just how the loot system works.

As of the recent update. EXP weapon drops have been increased, with the return with of the LMG. I presume you are above level 25?

i’m max level on xbox and i have completed the story

Alright thanks. Well the best i can say is continue to push on, you’ll get one soon. :grin:

Since GZ has individual loot system, what you find isn’t the same what everyone else finds. This is intended game feature and there is no bug with it.

Topic moved to Bug Reports subforum since what is presented here, is possible game bug, rather than feature request of feedback for the game. Also, since there is no bug within the game, instead the presented issue is working as intended, i added appropriate tag to the topic as well.