Looting clothings and similar stuff


I seems to me the game proposes to me to loot several times the same clothings or earring …
As I do not remember well, I loot each time once more. The game knows cloths I have already got and could spare me some useless effort ? What do you think ?


It would be really nice to remove this clothing spam from loot boxes.
I would add bikes to this - I found red bike 3 or 4 times.


I rather find clothing I have than nothing at all. It’s not rewarding with empty boxes.


I find it razher annoying finding like 50 times zhe same gas mask or zhe same shirt. A knockout system would be great as it would be far more rewarding searching for loot able zhings. Same wizh zhe bike found zhe Ruby bike like 10x now, and as far as i understand it it occupies zhe slot for a 5 crown drop zhat way you get punished by getting in more zhan once.


I’ve found both bike and 5 crown drop on the same tank. So it doesn’t effect each other. And as I’ve said before. I rather find a shirt I already have than open an empty box. Because if boxes are empty often you will stop opening them eventually. Because empty boxes are not rewarding.


It be nice to get xp for clothing items we already own. Nothing big in xp maybe 50-100. Just so it makes it feel worth the time to grab


Absolutely totally agreeing with you, empty boxes have that effect.

However if the system recognized what attires we already have and we’d only find “new” sets of clothing in boxes and bags - then hopefully, instead of the clothes we already got it would randomize more of the other stuff, and not just being empty boxes and bags :blush: