Looting Filters

I think gen z needs a more cleaner way of looting such as possibly adding a “loot” or “filter” tab to where you may select what crown, weapon, ammo, resource and possibly amount but perhaps not. when using the “LOOT ALL” option. itd be extremely handy to quickly loot without having to maneuver around, especially when in mid battle and in dire need of health or ammo and aren’t looking for cumbersome items to where you have to go in inventory just to drop those peaky fuels items you accidentally picked up mid battle. you should still be able to loot any resource/ammo/etc when using the “LOOT” option though, just not with the “LOOT ALL” option.

i kinda wish the companion would only pick stuff I wanted lol, I use spotter anyways

ya know i didnt even think about that, could too be a companion section like with emotes

Idk if I understand you correctly.
Do you want to have a menu for setting options what should be looted if you click “take all”?

I’m currently not sure what to think about it.
On one hand it could be really good, but on the other hand it would mean more micromanagement, as you would probably have to adjust these settings often.

Not long ago we got the feature to mark favorites, so that we can see more quick if a loot container has what we’re looking for.

And to be honest, if I loot machines during a battle, I know what I want or need and I’m able to click the few items almost as fast as if I would click “take all”. That’s something you learn by playing GZ and which goes into muscle memory automatically after some time. At least I can say that for me, playing on PS5.

Additionally I must say that there aren’t many situations where I loot machines during combat. In general I go into combat situations well prepared and don’t need the possible loot. So I first destroy the machines and then start looting. Only exception may be big machines, because I often want to know directly what they have inside… But they grant cover while looting them, in general.

In short, as advice:
I would try to adjust your way to play a bit. Learn what you have, what you need and what you can do with that. You don’t always have to run and shoot all the time. Attraction always has the risk of getting shot.
And if you know that you’re low on whatever you could need during combat, you shouldn’t risk every combat.

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Yes, I knew I once read about a similar idea.
It was about the companion.
For his automatic looting module it would indeed be a great Feature, although I also just use the spotter.

why yes you do have some points, not all people have the best knowledge or skill or maybe even time to practice knowing what they need and knowing to do it fast, some people arent as quick with controls as other and may need time to look through but they could easily avoid that by simply clicking one button once knowing what they need, and i especially agree it could be annoying having to mess with these options a ton.

Well, I didn’t learn that in a hurry, too.
It took me some years to learn how to play as I Play now.

And of course it’s different than how I played at the beginning, as not just my experience improved, but my characters experience, too.

Believe me, it’s much better and much more satisfying to learn your own way of playing a game over time than having helps and supports for every feature from beginning.

By that you learn much better what to take and when to take it, what you really need, and what’s not necessary. And with this experience, everything else comes all alone.

I personally would find it much more annoying to go into a battle, take all the loot quickly that I selected for “take all” just to find out later, that I forgot to change my selection for my current demands… So I change the selection and loot them again to get what I forgot on the battlefield. Trust yourself and trust in your eyes and fingers… They will become faster the more you use them for selecting what you really need and want.

Again, see it as advice, not as critics. :wink:

Just another example. You know this indicator that shows the direction, distance and status of nearby machines? You should turn it off. I learned it after some months, that it’s much better to play without it, as your eyes and ears become more focussed on what’s happening around you. You’ll see and hear machines much earlier than if you just trust on this indicator.

hmm yeah alright thanks for the feedback, youd still be able to loot anything even if its not in your filters via the “LOOT” button though no need to select filters to change exactly what you wanna pick up, and if it really bugs some all filters can be off just to how it is now, otherwise yeah sure i sorta agree

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If it is done the same way the sorting filters are or the map filters are, then a lot of things in the loot menu will not be seen to decide what to loot then. So I would be 100% against adding sorting filters.

We get a lot of posts where novice players have sorting filters and it is blocking them seeing all their inventory. And if you are looking for one level weapon or attachment and a higher or lower-level weapon/attachment is in the loot menu, you don’t see them based on how the sorting filters work now. They are blocked out.

I loot as I play and battle across a region, using the destroyed machines as cover while I loot and have been doing so for many hundred hours, both in solo and co-op. One thing that helps me is knowing what I want to collect and if it will be in the machines that are destroyed.

I only use advance first aid kits, so no reason for me to look in lower class machines because they will not have any. Same goes for the rounds of ammo I like to keep topped off and that would come from machines in regions that has the class of machines that will have those rounds I use.

Basically I use machine type/class and region to know what machines I even will loot and that is doing any during combat looting. In co-op, with a novice player or two on the squad, we spend a little time after a battle so those players can loot ALL the machines. And I can tell when they are done because they stop running from machine to machine.

Loot sorting filters would only benefit players that have played enough to know what they want to loot and are to lazy to LOOK at the loot menu and select what they want. But it would also be the players that are to quick to sort through their inventory and recycle weapons and gear that they did not want to recycle. They just keep hitting the select key without pausing long enough to see what is being recycled. This loot sorting filter request aligns with the issues some have with sorting their recycling items. And give the same reasons for needing the filters already in use in the game.