Looting needs some EQ

Can you upgrade the looting system ? Did you not notice when you have , example , 1 medkit and you press X to loot it the system of the game suddenly jumps onto your Inventory . Why ? is that nonsense programmed into a game .

I am subconsciously double pressing X because thats what i need to do to pick the ammo . I dont use Square to Take All because i don’t want materials. Subconsciously I am loosing weapons because of that . Some ISTJ made it so the game is going to take my Golden guns and put them into some cars loot box . Thats intelligent for what ?

I am going t have double tap in my psyche because i am looting like hundreds of times . This game is designed on running around like dummy and loot loot .

This little detail will save lot emotional stress from people .

Work on it ! I payed for fun not just into your pocket .

this emotion happens to me because of your game . I am not going to behave some european politeness because you can’t do beta test .

We were tolerating the glitches and graphic laziness and giving 5 stars to game. Until this .

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I’m moving this to #feedback-feature-requests. Even if there is an issue you are frustrated about and/or you feel that it needs direct improvement, please try to keep a friendly tone when posting on the forums.