Losing gear plundra PC

Anyone else? After hot fix I noticed my plundra was missing materials. Also; last night I was transfering ammo and a couple of weapons from my character and inadvertently put my KVM59 experimental (with all gold accessories) into my plundra box. I immediately transferred it back to my player and then found all of my accessories were NOT to be found! Not with accessories in the plundra, not on the floor and not in my characters inventory. I lost a gold red dot, gold muzzle compensator, and gold magazine–the last two are perhaps the hardest to acquire.


FYI: Found the missing equipment—in my companion—I didn’t put it there and he wasn’t deployed…

That’s great that you found them back.

If you believe this is a bug, this should be posted in the bugs section of the forum, otherwise the devs will most likely not see this. Maybe you can still edit the location in the first post of this topic.