Losing Multiple Safe houses

For some reason i keep losing safe house when i discover new ones,does anyone know why?
I used to have atleast 5 per region.
(On PS5)

It’s a known bug affecting in general playstation users. It’s known for about 19 months now and they still try to figure out what’s causing it.

Well, how about they add a backup register to the save file that records all the safehouses that are unlocked. Compare the backup and the main to each other and if they match, great. If they don’t, go with the one that has the larger number of unlocked safehouses, and then copy it to the one that had fewer. Fault tolerance is sometimes better than fixing bugs.

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It just would have to check the picked up photos for most cases.
For example, if you picked up the photo at Boo church, you probably also unlocked the safehouse.

So picking up a photo would have two effects.

  1. Connected safehouses, that haven’t been unlocked yet, get a map-marker for an undiscovered safehouse
  2. The safehouse where you picked up the photo will be locked as discovered safehouse.

This check should be done at least every time you log in, but there could be counter-checks every time you pick up a new photo or unlock a new safehouse.

Exactly. There are so many fault tolerance checks the game COULD use to make this a non issue. I’m surprised that in 19 months they haven’t used a single one.