Losing progress on fnix bases (from game crashes)

I was about to destroy the enemy command base but then my game crashed making me lose all of that progress I’ve done.

Autosave doesn’t work for enemy bases. The game can remember how much bullets you have right now but it doesn’t know how to keep my progress from raiding bases.

This issue is specifically from fnix bases. The game can remember how much damage you dealt from rivals but not fnix bases.

19 rockets wasted,few medkits,few equipment and alot of bullets.

And from my guess multiplayer will make it more likely to crash and lose progress.

-playing solo-
(I’m using Xbox one)

Yep. Co-op or solo, you’re chances of crashing are undeniably high at the moment. The last update they did messed some things up. A buddy of mine and I took about five tries to get through two Hard Base Assaults a bit ago. No telling how much ammo, etc, basically just got thrown away. We had crashes solo, co-op, either way, several times.

Crashing during bases has always caused you to have to start over from scratch knocking them out, though. As you say, they don’t track the progress on the base. Saves how much ammo you’ve burned up, how many medkits you’ve used, adrenaline shots, kills, deaths, experience earned, but if it crashes, the base will be 100% rebuilt, and quite possibly upgraded…

Ideally, in my opinion, the auto-save function should basically be disabled during Base Assault and Base Defense, so that you don’t get robbed of ammo and supplies, while FNIX benefits from getting a fresh base or knocking yours out without contest, as a result of a crash. It should only save after the Assault or Defense has been completed. No telling how difficult that sort of change might be, though. Should just be a bit of scripting, but without seeing what they’re working with, what their programming looks like, I can’t say for sure.

We’re both on lowly old XB1 consoles as well.