Lost all in game


i transfered my game from old ps4 to new ps4 and went to play game and it told me to start new game and i did and i lost all my guns my level my inventory and had to start game from start


You saved your savedata to a USB pen drive or to the Ps plus cloud?


I’m pretty sure that, unless you pay for PS+ and you put your PS4 in rest mode regularly, you have to manually upload it to the cloud or transfer your save file via USB.

I similarly lost all my progress on HZD assuming it “just worked” when I upgraded to a PS4 Pro.


Yup pretty much that.
Just one thing, rest mode has nothing to do with saving files, what are you talking about?


The PS4 (and I think the PS5 too) only automatically upload save games to the cloud if you have an active PS+ subscription and have it set to keep the connection alive while in rest mode.

I stopped using rest mode so disabled it as I barely used the PS4, traded it in and bought a PS4 Pro. Only to find out that because I’d disabled rest and the keep alive feature I didn’t have an up to date cloud save.



Ah okay.
Let me warn you then.
In some rare occasions rest mode might glitch or corrupt a game save, that happens in all systems including PC.
And rest mode sometimes restarts the consoles and PCs…

It´s always better to manually save to a USB pen drive or to the cloud.