Lost all kit after update (resolved)

PC Player, since 2019, maxxed out character, logged on after update and a) I have no items, no weapons, no ammo nothing b) storage box looks normal but I didn’t store my everyday stuff in there c) character looks completely different to the one I built up. It looks like the points and progression were reset to zero. Can I have my hard won equipment back please?

Thanks for the suggestions troops, it turns out that a blank character had loaded as default, going back to select my character one, got me restored - thanks again for your suggestions.


Maybe the game started without seeing your game files. Hopefully you have back up files outside the game directory?

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What about your log (missions,collectibles, scematics, blueprints, statistics), challenges and your map? Are they reset, too?

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Did you use mods of any kind before the update?

Thanks for replying, never used mods on this game.

Thanks for replying, all game files validated without error.

Thanks for replying, points were zero but all challenges as below.