Lost All of My Guns! Inventory & Storage Box Are empty!

Not sure what happened, but all of my weapons and loot have disappeared. Both my inventory and storage box are empty! Luckily, I still have my resources.
I lost everything after updating.
Can someone help me out?

If you dont frequently save your save data to the Cloud or to an external Hard drive or to an USB flash drive then you are doomed, but it could be important to understand what happened.
Are you in the correct “character” and “World” ?

I only have one character and don’t have any more worlds, so yes.

Everything else seems to be in order. Only my weapons and loot went missing.

Yeh…its horrible.
How many hours +/- did you played?

Make the report anyway :

What is the System?
Game version?
How many users at the time?
Steps to reproduce?