Lost all rivals


Just had to restore my system (only back a couple of days )today, reinstalled Generation Zero and all but probably 4 rivals have disappeared, so is it worth continuing with the character?. Zone levels are all around lvl 8, and no I haven’t been rival hunting was trying to build them up to around 9 per zone and to lvl 4, but they’ve basically all disappeared. So would I be better off just starting a new character?.


starting a new character would not help. Unless you mean restarting the game. But each character shares the same world


Should have stated Restart the game without access to the Plundra, so that it’s a totally new game/character.


ok then. yeah i guess. I mean it depends how early you are in-game. if you are below level 15 it really does not matter


The character that’s lost all the rivals is level 29 going 30.


then maybe. that is a lot of progress to lose though. your call.