Lost Challenges After Creating 3rd Character

I am fuming with frustration and annoyance right now.

I have 185 hours of playtime. Completed all main and side missions. Collected all collectibles. Two different characters maxed out. I had 290 prestige points with only a few categories left to master.

I created a new 3rd character. The Challenges from Tabs; Resistance, Himfjall, Survivor, Scout, and Dawn have ALL BEEN RESET. Only the Truth Tab remains green and completed. Prestige points down from 290 to 90. I have no idea what to do, and I’m fuming with rage as I type this.

With all due respect to the developers, why on earth would they release broken updates that haven’t been tested??? Fix the bugged game before pumping out more paid dlc packs. Prioritize please! This better be restored with a future fix, as I refuse to waste time away doing the same tasks over and over again because of development incompetence.

I understand the developers are independent, and I have mad respect for what they achieved as a game, but time and time again their updates are bugged to hell, and this particular issue is extremely bad. My progress has been reset, with no show whatsoever for it.

What am I to do now? I tried switching characters, but the result is the same on characters 1 and 2 as well.

I’m on Steam, running the latest versions of Steam and Generation Zero. To trigger this blasphemous bug, I created a 3rd character. Fix the mess, Avalanche.

—UPDATE: I’ve learned some more about this bug; All the tutorials have been triggered again, every single one. Also all the collectible schematics have been reset in the map, as well as the weapons. (Though only the schematics are labeled as ‘0/X’ on location, but weapons still counted, despite being able to pick them both up again) So it’s clear that creating a new character simply resets the Map progress all around, since Prestige Challenges related to missions are still there (except for Scout/Dawn categories), but everything else gone. (Any task/action that is not a mission is reset) Also at each arrival to any location now, I’m rewarded with 100xp as if it’s first time. Interestingly enough, if the collectible of a location is a gnome, it automatically triggers upon arrival. Lastly, all things previously unlocked by prestige challenges like cosmetic items are still in the inventory, same with the weapons and schematics that have been reset, can still craft.

PS: Also command points are only saved to one character when awarded.

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Thanks for sharing! Tthe team is looking into it!

This just happened to me aswell after I created a second character. Very frustrating and pretty much killed the game for me. How can progress be lost so easily? How do I get it back?

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Hi, I have a same issue.
Emotions circle are resetet, collectible schematics on the map are resetet, and all challenges are resetet after I create a second character!
Also all locations are resetet (I see it on the map, but if I port or go to it - system write, that I just now discoer this location agan and give me XP).
Please fix it.
I do not have fun to play now… :frowning: