Lost equipped ammo when fast traveling to radio

PS4 Slim 1tb
Solo play
Placed radio, traveled to safe house to unload via the reclamation station. When done fast traveled back to radio and all my equipped 7.62 ammo, 2600 rounds, was gone.
Also seeing duplicate ammo in plundra, two stacks of buckshot and two stacks of birdshot. They also, if I transfer them to my inventory, stay separate as two stacks of the same type of ammo.

If you pick up a weapon, e.g AI-76, AG4 or KVM 59, any 7.62mm ammo (e.g FMJ) you have in your inventory will be equipped to that new weapon. If you transfer that new weapon to Plundra without removing ammo from it first, all the 7.62mm ammo you carried (e.g FMJ) will be stored in the Plundra as well.

To fix the duplicate stack of same ammo:

  1. put them both in your inventory
  2. drop either of the ammo stack to the ground, while leaving another in your inventory
  3. pick up the dropped ammo stack
  4. with it, two stacks now combine into one stack

Thanks for the info on the ammo, I will give it a try. For the equipped ammo the gun was the one I had in my hands. So, the ammo disappeared from the gun i was carrying when i fast traveled to and from the safe house.