Lost full game save xbox series x

Hi all just to find out if any one has had this game save on xbox series x
gone i was lv48 had all experimental weapons base game just crashed lost everything what a JOKE
so how will i get back my game save so need help from who every can fix this

In general, sadly, lost is lost. IF it really got lost.
Did you already reinstalled the game and tried to sync your safegame (is it safed online at xbox?)?

Hi thanks yes i tried this just say start new game

Did you play on pc via gamepass inbetween?

Hi no just on box series x

No cloud save sync for your gamesave when you load in?

May be worth a try

Hi just corrupted file

Delete your local game save from the Generation Zero tile menu.

it will be under manage game and add on - then your profile - then game saves - delete LOCAL game save - then load up the game. You may get lucky and it’s pulls a recent (ish) game save from the cloud.

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Hi will try thanks …

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