Lost my weapons when I dropped them


Beware I had too much weight and got into a battle, so had to drop some weapons I had no ammo, on me for them, I got killed and when I re spored, There where not there, there was no storage box I could have used, so lost them all, Hunting rifle, 50 cal rifle, shoulder launcher.


When you drop a weapon or a pack of ammo or other things for lighten your weight, then a backpack lies on the ground at the place you dropped the things. When you die, the backpack will remain at the same place. When it was outside in the world, you have to find him. When you leave the game or you switch back to the mainmenu than unfortunately the backpack is away :cry:


Besides what’s said above, weapons in GZ are plentiful and it’s easy to replace lost weapons.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you drop.


Lost me on the abbreviation GZ ?


GZ = Generation Zero :wink: