Lost Saves PS4, hours of gameplay lost!

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I was absolutely loving solo Gen Zero and was about to break level into level 25 with a really nice selection of tier 4 weapons and accessories, since the last PS update to v11(only just performed ) I am now back to level 10!! All my progression has gone all my weapons have and accessories have gone but the trophies I gained still remain…like bringing down 15 tanks, hard to do at level 10! I am so depressed at the thought of clawing back to level 25 I might just give up on the game unless the Devs can help??

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Not required, currently in this state and unable to restore

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Can supply trophy images

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Only me


What did you do?
On playstation you have a local safegame and a cloud saved safegame. Nothing more. Either you overwrites your actual safegame with an older one or you switched to another character with less progress.

There is no other way to fall back to a lower level.

I exited the current game due to a sound bug, guns wouldn’t make any noise but the bullets did when hitting something. Continued the game bug was still there. Exited the game completely and restarted my PS4 which updated and when I went back into the game it loaded me into a bunker up north I already powered up but I was trapped due to no power, I fast tracked to another safe house and noticed the missions I’d completed had gone back a long way but I still had my level and gear, I exited the game to main menu one more time and when I continued this time it put me back to level 10 just after the mission Building Blocks. So no deleting saves…I only have one character