Low FPS in game and main menu

I need some help with the game. Yesterday I was playing with a friend and the game worked fine, but when he finished his game session my game crashed and i thought it happens. Today I wanted to play again, but the game works at 20-30 FPS in the main menu as well as after loading the save file.

My PC:
CPU: Intel I7 7700
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
Win 10

Make sure you are running at full screen mode (in options, or simply ALT + Enter), or check if you have framerate limits set in nvidia control panel.

Also check your GPU and CPU usage and see if it hits 100% on anything.

I was trying at full screen and other ones too , dont have framerate limit set in nvidia control panel, and also CPU and GPU dont runs at 100%.

How about vertical sync? if it’s ON try switching it OFF.

I have vertical sync OFF , and also tried reinstall game didn’t help too.

In which region/which safehouse did you start when the low framerate occur?

When you’re in the main menu of the game it already loads the world in the background. (the longer you stay in the menu, the shorter the game loads after pressing continue)

If there is anything in the world that causes framedrop, than this could happen already in the menu.

Im in Boo Bruk AB safehouse in Farmlands, but to be honest i have no idea what can cause that huge lags. There is nothing close to this safehouse.

Previously there have been some greater battles between fnix and soviets south and north west of Boo Bruk AB. Don’t know if it’s still.

Close to Boo Bruk AB there is also Stormyra Bunker. I had for about 1 year the issue that I wasn’t able to enter it, because the game always crashed when I tried. I guess after landfall it should have been fixed. At least I was able to enter it once after landfall.

A reason for dropping fps I once had was a harvester that got stuck. Wasn’t there for me, but had been reported from others, too.

Did you try to fast travel somewhere else, quit the game and restart it? Does the low framerate still exist after that?

Yes , i tried almost every safehouse i had unlocked and after restar low framerate still exist.

I think the problem is somewhere else , not the fight between enemies.

When i played i had a lot of situations where there was 50+ enemies , and some glitches when enemies was inside somethink , and none of them cause that huge FPS drops or even crash.