Low fps on good system

Hi Recently I’ve been having some Really bad fps issues whenever I’m in the game menu or otherwise and I mean 15-20fps on the lowest graphics setting and on the smallest resolution and so far I’ve scrolled through these forums and found no solutions that worked for my issue

Things that I’ve tried:
making sure that it was running through my GPU (I’m on a laptop)
reinstalling GZ and windows
I’ve checked every known graphical issue that I could find

Recreate - I wouldn’t know of a way to recreate this issue
Platform - PC
RTX 3070
AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX
16GB ram
2560 x 1440p, 165Hz

The worst part is that I was able to play the game for about four hours before it started to have unplayable fps and my setup didn’t change so does anyone know of any changes made around the 15th of February and if I need some sort of hotfix of something of the like?

It’s weird. I have a relatively ok setup too, with a GTX 1080 Ti. Generation Zero has always run smoothly for me at 1440p, without any noticeable fps drops. But suddenly, after the Landfall update got installed, I get major fps drops across much of the map. Especially inside towns/cities.

I have reported it too.

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My fps would be low even in the menus, is yours low only in the game itself

I have the same problem since landfall update, something must have gone wrong with the optimization for that update.

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Yeah. Mine is like 120 in the menus, 80 when walking around in a field or forest, 60-70 in combat, but if I enter Hagaboda or central Östervik it can drop down to like 20-30!
I switched my setting from Ultra down to High to make the game playable again. :neutral_face:

This has nothing to do with your “pc systems”.
Its also happening on PS4 (I know its “Old gen” now).
Im sure its happening to a lot of people in certain areas and in certain situations.

Its been this way since the Ladfall Update.

Someone needs to investigate this :open_mouth: .