Lower texture quality when zooming in?

So, I noticed this today, that the quality of textures seems to get a lot worse when zooming in on a detail. Take a look at the provided screenshots. Up close next to a police car, the texture seems just fine. Zooming in with the rifle, you first see a semi-degradation in quality, shortly followed up by a very, very low resolution texture.

Anyone else experienced this? Win 10, Radeon RX570 gpu.

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When this happen, and you release the zoom, ALL textures are of a lower quality for a milisecond, before reverting to higher resolution again.

Seems to happen for me when texture resolution is set to Ultra, could it be a VRam issue? My gpu has 4 gig ram.

Yes, this happens. I did not report this out of laziness.

The game uses up to 5.2Gb of Vram for me when all ultra at 1440p so yes your 4gig GPU might struggle with Ultra

But I play in a rather low resolution on my old monitor (1680x1050) and also it seems to only happen when zooming for some weird reason.

Running around Fiskebäck right now using your resolution, my game is still using close to 4.5Gb Vram. But unless you have problems with the gameplay, why bother :wink:
editUsing High the Vram usage is 3.6gb and I hardly even notice any decrease in quality. Does your quality decease when zooming in even on High textures?

No, on high I don’t notice it, it seems to be the same quality all over (worse than ultra ofc). It’s not a big thing, was more curious as to why it would happen since it doesn’t make sense to me.

This happens to me with a 2080ti. It is not VRAM related.

yeah it happens here aswell but it’s very quick to return to full quality on zoom release, guess i just rarely zoom on scenary 5m infront of me

I think that this feature was implemented to reduce quality of textures on near objects while pointing the scope on some distant targets, and gain a bit of FPS.
Just don’t look through scopes at objects that are 1m in front of you and it’ll be fine :crazy_face:

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hmm just now I did a high texture test and saw a clear difference on the licenseplate of a truck.
Texture went blurry but came back right after release of ADS, redoing the test at Ultra shows no difference when zooming the licenseplate. Went to a policecar and at ultra i still dont see it now.
more testing needed :wink:
edit yeah it only happens sometimes for me… I tried different scopes and it’s not consisent at all. Oh well ;D

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are multiple minor issues with LoD scaling during ADS/scoping.

I know it happens with goods on shelves in Himfjäll shops (e.g. beverages).

Someone could file a bug report. It can be looked at at some point.

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