Lunar New Year Event - febuary 9th until 24th

Lunar New Year is coming to Generation Zero!
Between February 9th and 24th, you'll be able to earn three different cosmetic rewards when playing. This beautiful jacket will drop from Reapers.
We hope the year of the Dragon will be one of luck and prosperity!

— Generation Zero (@GenZeroGame) February 2, 2024

that’s different, never did lunar before, isn’t there a selma thing also

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I wonder what the other two cosmetic rewards are, and which machines drop those?

“Lunar New Year is a celebration of the arrival of spring and the beginning of a new year on the lunisolar calendar. It is the most important holiday in China, and it is also widely celebrated in South Korea, Vietnam, and countries with a significant overseas Chinese population. While the official dates encompassing the holiday vary by culture, those celebrating consider it the time of the year to reunite with immediate and extended family.” Source Here

I’m not sure how this Asian celebration fits to the Swedish culture, or if it’s a totally different celebration. Still I am happy to go Reaper hunting. :coffee:

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What are the rewards and what do we actually get?

Shades ?
New Jacket ?
New Pants?
New Gloves?

Thats it?

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This is so awesome but okay Im ashamed I have not killed the reaper much on my own twice in multiplayer and once on my own with a friend helping but I have not really an idea how to make it spawn I have not followed that very much on how rival levels island levels work if i see tanks rivals harvesters etc i just go kill em lol Can you please let me know explain how reapers come what i should do exactly and stuff this would be very helpful and appreciated.
Thank you for your time and help !! :slight_smile:

You simply need a region level above 21 and less than 8 rivals in that region.

Kill as many machines as possible to improve the score, but prevent killing rivals, as this lowers the region score and level, unless you have 8 rivals, because 8 is the maximum number of rivals per region, but you need one free space for the reaper.

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so for example go to Farmlands and if its only like level 14 just start wandering exploring and killing everything but not a rival. until i see farmalnds becomes level 21 and i also have to wait till theres less than eight rivals in farmalnds is this basically how i understood it ? lol

this reaper has the jacket , :disappointed: , however, he isn’t carrying the jacket on him, im guessing he finds survivor wearing the jacket, sometimes clothing gets caught on robots, explains why we can find clothes on some robots

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how many different items can we expect from reapers, do I need to all 4 world’s reapers at 1%

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it doesnt start till feb 9 then mr reaper will be donning very glamorously his lunar jacket which im sure he will kindly share with us after his untimely demise mwhahahahahah lol :slight_smile:

the only thing you can’t drop in backpacks for peoples, cloths, :weary:, i have picked up enough Fancy Cloths, Halloween Cloths, etc, etc, so Reaper carrying how many clothing items, & only 2 weeks :cold_sweat:, thats why i wanna Reaper up my 4 worlds at 1% before lunar event

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it will be a hidden event :smirk: it won’t be advertised on the main menu screen, the Halloween Event is the only event ever to advertise on the main menu, i don’t know, maybe it’s intentional

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oh wait christmas was advertised i think or wait no that was on social media my bad :man_facepalming: lol i wish we could get some new pants and hoodies and parkas and maybe some old 1980s swedish type or russian clothing

Yeah , the Semlas used to appear in February on a plate in almost every kitchen on the map. I went for a look yesterday and found that every plate on which the semla appeared had gone so I’m not hopeful of their appearance this year. Perhaps they are another victim of the "get rid of stuff for the sake of stability " mentality in the game currently.

I still found some all over the year :thinking:
Not many, but they were there.

Nevertheless, maybe they’ll trigger them with the upcoming event on febuary 9th, too.
At least I’m also expecting to find firework boxes again.

We’ll see…

patrick from Himfial island has AI :confused: in game awareness, he is watching my Reaper, the guy with the walkie talkie in the hotel, anyway, Patrick is hanging nearby & watching my Reaper, when the Fireworks go off because some in game AI intelligence & celebrate Luna New Year, the reaper will here the fireworks, and apparently one unlucky AI will lose his jacket

i wonder what that would look like on TV :blush: in a TV guide, the pilot episode of generation zero, maybe Saturday morning cartoons, right after mege man & pokemon & transformers

there are untold stories that can make at least 3 or 4 seasons of generation zero

I’m just excited… Will there also be a new update on febuary 9th, or just the beginning of this event?

It’s because… It has been announced quite early for just a few new cosmetic items and I don’t believe that a new update will be released during a running event.
We’re still looking forward for the playstation 60fps update as well as some hotfixes for Xbox and Steam. So either we’ll get them on febuary 9th or at least in that week, or after the event, which would probably result in march earliest.

No game update for lunar new year, this one is serverside :slight_smile: