M49 Recoilless (enhancement)

Hey Devs,

I KNOW the m49 is a dumb-fired weapon or FnF (Fire and Forget), but can I make a suggestion on the Fire (side) not much on the Forgetfulness (side)?

Option 1: can you make the gun sight (normal-sized) like the rifle sights, with a red bead in the middle for better target-acquisition; or

Option 2: keep it small, but enhance it with beam you could paint on your target, as you forget that you actually pulled the trigger lol. I know the Runners are always trying to paint you so, Paint them back!

When you are trying to hit a target the size of paper money, seems hard with a sight the size of a dime.


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honestly, once you got the hang of it, you wont miss with the gun. it’s not really needed. “get gud” in this scenario tbh

Why not add a sight add-on for it then?

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In all honesty the M49 grenade launcher sucks. The Level 5 (special) version cannot even one shot a prototype Hunter. My point is it needs to do more damage. I would say "it’s fine as long as it could do that.

Can’t even hip fire with the square reticle; always overshoots

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First of all, it is a recoilless rifle. Both by definition and mechanics. A grenade launcher uses a closed breach with no back blast. Just to get that out of the way.

Secondly, in real life (the M/48) this weapon has both iron sights and an optical telescopic scope. The iron sights was actually preferred since it gives you a better overview of the target area. You generally don’t fire at longer distances than 200-250 meters anyway. I’ve shot hundreds of grenades with this weapon and it is a beast. When you pull the trigger all air is sucked out of you and a several meter long flame shoots out the back. It’s a very violent experience and in peace time there’s a limit to how many grenades you are allowed to shoot (at least in Sweden) since you can take permanent damage. Double ear protection is mandated (again, in peace time). I once shot 6 grenades in a row and it made my nose bleed. Not kidding.

The weapon in the game seem to be a combination of the M/48 and the M/86 since the latter has a carry handle on the top.

I do agree that it needs to be buffed. Even when aiming at the back of a tank it takes 6 shots or more to kill it. And, yes, anything else than a tank or a harvester should be a one-shot. There should also be a penalty to be behind the weapon when it’s fired since IRL it will seriously hurt or kill you (the back blast).

I agree with this. The M49 definitely needs a boost in damage. It’s already one-shotting groups of Runners anyway. For balance, the ammo could be made rarer. Perhaps add AP rounds as well. Backblast would also be a cool feature, to make you think of your surroundings before you fire.

the back blast should also check whether there is a wall within the 5m behind you. if there is, it will get replaced by an explosion effect, knocking you off your feet and severely hurting you.

I do agree that the ammo should be made much more rare and powerfull, at least twice as rare and powerfull as it is now. Same with the .44 (altho that ammo is rare enough as-is so it only needs power) and .50 (which deals similar damage to a mere .270)