Machine attack speed bugged

Hello, Today i’ve encoureded some quit annyoing bug that happened to me 3x today, let me explain;

-FIRST “Im playing SOLO on PC, was fighting machines like allway and one of the a Soldier Lynx with grenade launches and start Spam-shooting explosives, what i mean is (Will shoot +/-20 grenades in like 6 seconds) and felt like its because i’ve shot it while it was firing”

-SECOND “I’ve wanted to try again so fought a few machines for like 20 to 30 minutes nothing, then fought a second Soldier Lynx with the rifle, so i tried to shoot again while its shooting to see if it will spam-shoot and did it again and totally roasted me going to 100hp to 0hp in less than a second”

-THIRD “So confused i wanted to try again but for hours nothing again the bug wasnt showing itself, after 4hours of playing it happened again but this time with a Military harvester, i’ve been destroying everything and for a random reason i shot the harvester and seen that the moment it shot and got the KNOCKBACK movement, it spam-shot +/-20 missiles in like a 5 second, but dint die this time”

Conclusion; -It can happen that it will spam-shot when it happens that the playing get to knockback on the specific a machine at the same time the machine is shooting but it still a rare encounter but still reported it as it only happened after the last EVENT Update, hope it helps

I saw this one many many times, but I haven’t reported it, because it looks so cool :crazy_face:

I experienced this on monday or thursday, too.
Idk which class the lynx were, but there were two of them who shot me down from 100 to almost 0 within 1-2 seconds.

Playing on PS5 in online-coop.